The future of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance airborne solutions is in multi-mission platform capability — platforms that are not dedicated to single sensors or single capabilities, but which overlay intelligence from multiple sensors. This blends capabilities to give the decisionmaker a comprehensive view of the battlespace.

365电竞Raytheon offers a range of enabling technologies designed to optimise the direct-collect-process-disseminate intelligence cycle, in which platforms and sensors should be fully networked with ground and airborne exploitation nodes. These technologies enhance the provision of accurate and timely intelligence in complex and challenging engagement environments.

One example is Overseer – a next-generation, open-architecture airborne mission management system that builds on the success of Raytheon's ASTOR and the Shadow R1 intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance programmes.

Overseer's offboarding capability allows it integrate with other ISR systems, and to be interoperable with a range of information exploitation systems, including Raytheon's Raven system.