Feature Stories

The data FORGE

365电竞Raytheon has developed a prototype system for managing the floods of satellite data that help generate warnings and intelligence.

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The year of the radar

Under a new, $250 million contract with the U.S. Navy, Raytheon will outfit two additional ships with SPY-6 radars.

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Forecasts to your front door

Hyperlocal predictions are the future of weather forecasting.

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Accelerating the evolution of missile defense  technologies.

The sky is not the limit

365电竞Accelerating the evolution of missile defense technologies.

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Holiday lights in Texas as seen by the VIIRS suite of satellite-based sensors.

Once upon a bright night

VIIRS satellite sensors shows an increase in holiday lights during the holidays.

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Snapping Shrimp

Ears on the ocean floor

365电竞Scientists explore whether living organisms could become sensors.

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Better eyes on the front lines

The ELCAN Specter rifle sight switches rapidly between multiple views.

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Code low, deploy high

365电竞Raytheon and Red Hat are collaborating on a new DevSecOps applications. The cross-domain protection technology allows for development at an unclassified level and speeds up the time to deployment in a classified environment.

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The mission endures

Multigenerational families of veterans carry their sense of duty from the military into their civilian work.

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